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Accommodation with pets

We understand that the trip may be impossible without your pets that is why being one of the few truly dog-friendly hotels are glad to see your pets in our hotel.

Chasing the best traditions of hospitality and considering the needs of our guests, we have made a small set of rules of accommodation with pets at “Rachmaninov” art-hotel.

Accommodation of the following types of pets is allowed:

  1. Small dogs of decorative breeds up to 10 kg.

  2. Guide dogs and service dogs.

  • Accommodation with not more than 2 pets in 1 room is allowed if the weight of one pet is up to 5 kg and not more than one pet if the weight of the pet is up to 10 kg.

  • Only pets having accompanying aligned documents from the veterinary service conforming to the requirements of the main avia and railway lines and the Federal law can be accommodated. The administration of “Rachmaninov” art-hotel can apply for those at any moment.

  • Accommodation of gundogs and dogs which were bred for fightingor dogs without accompanying veterinary documents is not allowed.

  • The cost of the pet accommodation is 550 RUB per night per 1 pet. The price includes providing a bowl, a towel and a special cleaning against allergen, fur and odors after check-out. Guide dogs are accommodated free of charge.

  • In case of the necessity of additional cleaning and disinfection of the room 550 RUB extra is charged.

  • It is not allowed to leave pets without control of owners or without a closing carrying or cage in the room, in the sitting room and at other areas of the hotel.

  • Pets must be on a leash or on the hands of owner at public areas.

  • It is not allowed to wash a pet in the bath or in the shower of the hotel, or to use towels, sheets and other textile of the hotel.

  • It is not allowed to groom a pet in the room.

  • The guest must ensure that the pet is out of the room during the daily cleaning.

  • The guest is responsible for cleaning after his pet on the territory of the hotel.

  • In the case of causing damage to the property of the hotel or to the other guests and their property all expenses must be covered by the owner of the pet.

  • The hotel reserves the right to decide upon accommodation of each pet in the room. Guests with pets are accommodated only upon  prior request.

  • The hotel reserves the right to refuse to accommodate a guest with pet if the appearance and behavioral characteristics are inconsistent with the set rules.

  • During the check-in the owner of the pet must agree with the rules of accommodation with pets and sign a form confirming the agreement to follow the rules.

  • The final decision about registration is made only if all the required documents (international veterinary passport, report of the health condition of the pet, etc.) and payment  for pet accommodation are settled. The payment is charged at check-in.

  • The hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the guest accommodated with pet and ask to leave the hotel in case of breaking the rules of accommodation or aggressive and noisy behavior of the pet.

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