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Accommodation and service certificates

at the "RACHMANINOV" art-hotel

with an open date!

You want to please yourself, your loved ones, colleagues, give a memorable present for birthday, anniversary or wedding day but have not a single idea? Make dream about a trip to Saint Petersburg come true and give pleasant moments and unforgettable experience with “RACHMANINOV” art-hotel!


As a present for your loved ones we offer:

● Certificates for accommodation and extra-services at our hotel with nominal values up 3000 to 25000 RUB

● Open date of check-in 

● Expiration after 5 years!

● Two means of getting: e-certificate right after the purchase, original e-certificate or original certificate sent by Russian Post. To get the sertificate sent please contact us by telephone +7 (921) 957-00-608 (812) 571-97-79, by email or use the feedback form on website of the hotel


● Only individual can get a certificate. Only guest whose name is on the certificate can use the certificate.

● Certificates can be summed.

The certificate must 100% prepayed, the cost is not to be reimbursed in the case of not using the certificate within expiration date.

● Certificate cannot be exchanged for money, be refunded or extended. After the expiry date the certificate becomes invalid.

● If you lost the certificate it can be restored , just contact us by telephone +7 (921) 957-00-608 (812) 571-97-79 or by email

● Certificate can be used only once (at one check-in) inspire the nominal.

● Certificate can be used only for direct reservation by telephone +7 (921) 957-00-608 (812) 571-97-79 by email or on the official website of the hotel

● If the price of the services is lower than the nominal of the certificate the balance cannot be reimbursed. If the price of all the services provided is higher than the nominal it must be payed extra to the total amount of all the services.

● Certificate is invalid for the non-refundable rates.

● Using the certificate is possible only in case of availability for the required dates. The date of check-out must be within the expiry date.

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