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Free for you


Free parking

As availability, reservation is required.


First Aid kit

We scencerely care about health and well being of our guests. First aid kit can be requested at front-desk, if necessary.

Поднос багажа.png

Luggage tray

From Monday to Friday 10:00 - 19:00 our staff will be glad to help you with your luggage. To  order the service you need to press the button near the stairs when arrived.


Refrigerator on a front desk.

Хранение багажа.png

Luggage room

No matter the time of departure or arrival, you may use our luggage room and take a walk around Saint-Petersburg light.


Safe on a front desk.

Утюг и доска.png


In your room as a request.

Сервис 24.png

Receprion 24 hours.

We always are at your service arond the clock.

Печать и ксерокс.png


You can always print plane, train, museum, theatre  e-tickets or make a copy of any documents.


Wake up call

Vital service for those who have trouble getting up in the morning. Order the service at reception desk and our staff will wake you up at the appointed time.



In our lobby or sitting room you always can enjoy yourself reading latest newspapers or magazines.


Concierge service

Our staff are always ready to help order plane,  train or theatre tickets, book a table at the restaurant.

Музей богемной жизни Петербурга.png

Museum of bohemian life of Saint-Petersburg

Our hotel remains a part of the museum area so all the galleries and Vernissages are always available to our guests.

Service for additional pay



Throughout the hotel you can order soft or hot drinks, starters, snacks and desserts.



To make your stay the most comfortable and to make you feel fresh and tidy pressing and laundry are at your service.


Room service 24/7

You can order an extra-dressing gown in the room, additional hygiene kits, dental or shaving kit, and all options from the bar menu.


Souvenirs and antique

You can buy either souvenirs  and postcards or genuine antique and works of art for prices of authors.

Экскурсионное обслуживание.png

Excursion Service

Our staff will be glad to offer you various options of excursions from popular to author’s, for all tastes, colors and wallets.

Регистрация иностранный граждан.png

Registration of foreign citizens

According to the Russian Legislation of Migration matters all foreign citizens arriving at the territory of Russian Federation must be registered. The price of registration fee is 300 rub per foreign guest.

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